Friday, November 26, 2010


Laddu token is available in the sarva dharshan queue at Rs.10/laddu/person, extra laddus available at Rs.10 but at 2 different points in the same queue; for other dharshan, laddus are included in the ticket cost

Tried to get laddu after free darshan at 12 midnight; too much of crowd since counter opens only at 2 am, so don't wait. Get laddus fast in the early morning (4 am to 8 am).

2 laddus/head for AAD at Laddu Counter No.1, for Rs.50 ticket and Rs.300 ticket 2 laddus / person, this laddu counter is separate but all in one place beside of the temple.

You can avail 4 extra luddus per person by paying Rs. 100. The counter for buying is near the the exit of the Tirumala Temple, just before the luddu counter.

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