Friday, November 26, 2010


3 Ways of booking: (1) Internet, (2) Advance Booking even at Venkatnarayana Road from 2010 & (3) Current Booking (at Vijaya Bank, Tirumala).

(1) Internet booking for seva:; only Citicard accepted; ID needed (DL,Voter ID, PP, PAN); take print out and submit at Padmavathi GH 24-hour Internet Counter in the last 24 hours with same ID; date advancement or postponement is possible if vacancy is there but 25% penalty needs to be paid; No cancellation; if cancelled this amt is added to hundi.

(2) Advance Booking: DD favg “EO, TTD, Tirupati” at least 90 days in advance; give 3 choices of dates; send DD to Peishkar, Sr Tirumala Temple, TTD, Tirumala 517504; within 15 days of receipt of DD we geta Seva Ticket; postpone/advance = check availability over phone and send original Ticket with DD for 25% penalty.

(3) Current Booking: from 8 am on previous day at Arjitham Office opp to Vaikuntham Q Complex-1; in person because biometric needed; no cancellation/postponement.

SEVA: To be booked 2 to 3 months in advance:
0230 am: Suprabhatam for Main Deity: all 7days; Rs.120; 200 tickets; 2 small laddus free.
0330 am: Thomala Seva for Main Deity: 4 days a week from Mon to Thu; none in May, June, July; Rs.220/head; 3.30 am; 200 tickets; 2 small laddus.
0430 am: Archana for Main Deity: 4 days a week from Tue to Sat; none in May, June, July; Rs.220/head; 4.30 am; 200 tickets; 2 small laddus.
0530 am: Archana Anantara Darshanam (AAD) for Main Deity: Except Fridays (when u can choose Nija Pada Dharshanam); 05.30am soon after Archana; Rs.200 =2 small laddus free; 1000 tickets/day.
0530 am: Nija Pada Dharshanam for Main Deity: Fridays only.Rs.200 for 1 person.
1130 am: Kalyanotsavam for Utsava Moorthy Rs.1000 for 2 (will get one silk dupatta, blouse piece, 1 big laddu, 1 small laddu and 5 vadas); at 12pm daily; 60 tickets. Rs.5000 for 5 (more prasadam ).
0200 pm: Arjitha Brahmotsavam daily at 2pm; Rs.1000 for 5 persons; 
0300 pm: Dolotsavam daily at 3pm; Rs.1000 for 5 persons;
0330 pm: Vasantotsavam daily at 3.30 pm; Rs.3000 for 10 persons;
0530 pm: Sahasra Deepa Alankara Seva: daily at 5.30 pm; Rs.1000 for 5 persons;
1030 pm: Ekantha seva: daily at 10.30 pm; Rs.120 for 1 person;

ABHISHEKAM: To be booked 5 years in advance:
0400 am: Fridays: Vastra alankara seva: Rs.12500 for 2;
0400 am: Fridays: Poora abhishekam: Rs.750 for 1;
0400 am: Fridays: Civet vessel/Punugu Ginne: Rs.300 for 1;
0400 am: Fridays: Musk Vessel/Kasturi Ginne: Rs.150 for 1;
0730 am: Wednesdays: Sahasra Kalasabhishekam: Rs.5000 for 6;
0730 am: Thursdays: Thiruppavada Seva: Rs.5000 for 6;
0830 am: Mondays: Visesha Pooja: Rs.3000 for 1;

Thiru manjanam Abishekam every Fri Rs.750/head book 5 years in adv.

RESCHEDULING: of all sevas is allowed ONCE 5 days in advance subject to availability on payment of 25% extra cost and on production of original receipt.

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