Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spl Story on Thula Bharam at Srivari Padi Kavali

On the left corner of the Padi kavili  of the Srivari Temple one will see a large steel balance kept for weighing persons who want to fulfil their vow to Lord Venkateswara.

Nearly 100-200 persons fulfill their vow at this spot by donating commodities, metals or even coins  worth their weight to Lord Venkateswara. Legend says that Lord Venkateswara had become heavily indebted and had taken huge loans from \kubera, the lord of wealth and hence his devotees were contributing their mite to reduce his burden.

Devotees paid in all formats to theri beloved deity. To facilitate the devotees to fulfill their vow the TTD had set up the Tula Bharam at the entrance itself in association with the Indian Bank. Value of weight of coins was listed out and also the weight of commodities like rice, sugar, jaggery, sugar candy,  etc.

"Devotees could bring their own coin or grains which they can deposit in the Hundi. But we offer to deposit only if they take it from us. Our rates are as per the commodity and coin rates at which TTD had made the purchases" says Guna Sekhar Reddy, the officer in charge of the Tula Bharam.

Tula Bharam is available in two shifts of 12 hours and devotees can utilise the facility as per their convenience, says temple officials.

It is well known that devotees of Lord Venkateswara made strange vows for fulfillment of their wishes. Many walked long distances, some crawled and also rolled as well.